Monday, November 28, 2005

New Keystone Website Feature

This past week we added a new feature to the Keystone website. It is a small feature but I think a pretty cool one. We added a "Mark Your Calendar" feature. Basically, when a user clicks the link Mark Your Calendar, a ".vcs" card opens with all the info for their Outlook calendar. All they do is open it and save it. It is pretty cool.

Here is a sample...Mark your Calendar

How did we set it up? 1) I created a folder on our server called "vcalendar." 2) I created the vcalendar file in Outlook. Creating file: In Outlook Calendar, Click NEW, Fill in all the info (Subject, Location, Start Time & End Time, etc), then choose File, Save As. Save your file as a .vcs to your vcalendar folder. 3) I created a link on a webpage that linked to the .vcs file in the vcalendar folder. BAM! There you go!

Screensaver doesn't work

This past holiday I was in Oklahoma visiting my parents. While there, I helped setup my mother's new computer. I got everything hooked up. Then I installed her beloved "Aquarium Screensaver." But there was a problem...the screensaver would never activate. The same thing was happening on her old computer too. So I started the elimination process to find out what the issue was. I started with the screensaver. It would work when I previewed it so it was not a memory issue. I tried the "starfield" screensaver and it would not work either. So it is not the software. So then I went with her monitor. It is a Flat screen monitor...a lower end works just fine but I thought it might be the issue. Maybe it wasn't getting the proper signal. The monitor would not go into "Sleep" mode either. So we tried a new monitor. It would not work either. What could it be? I disabled the anti-virus software in case it was conflicting...NOPE...not the issue. Then I finally came across a post on a message board and I tried it. IT WORKED! You know what the problem was??? The wireless mouse & keyboard! It seems that the "Microsoft" brand of wireless keyboard and mouse cause the issue. The receiver keeps looking for the mouse and keyboard...I thought it might be the actual mouse or I took the batteries out but it still did not fix the issue. It is the actual receiver. The screensaver needs NO activity for the alotted time you have chosen before it activates. For me it's 10 minutes. Evidently the receiver must be looking for the mouse and keyboard and not allowing the computer to be inactive. So I went and got a Logitech wireless keyboard/mouse package and WALA!!! Problem SOLVED! It must be silly ole Microsoft!

So if you have the same issue with your screensaver...look at your wireless mouse/keyboard and get a brand other than Miscrosoft.

Ferrell, Heder, Poehler, Arnett skating toward deal for 'Blades of Glory'

You read the title right. These 2 might be teaming up for a movie together. One of the producers is going to be Ben Stiller. Let me just say this...I can't wait! You can check the article out at Yahoo News!

Update -
In what may be the greatest comic-teaming in recent memory, Will Ferrell, John Heder (a.k.a. Napoleon Dynamite), SNL’s Amy Poehler and real-life husband Will Arnett (Arrested Development’s Gob) are in talks of starring in a comedy based on world-class figure skating. Blades of Glory is slated for release sometime in 2006 …courtesy of

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Sooners Win 100th Bedlam Game, 42-14

After waiting weeks to get back into Oklahoma's lineup, Adrian Peterson needed just a little more patience to get himself a big rushing day. Peterson ran for a season-high 237 yards, including two long touchdowns in the second half, and Rhett Bomar threw three touchdown passes to lead Oklahoma to a 42-14 victory over Oklahoma State on Saturday. courtesy of

go ou

Friday, November 25, 2005

Mr. Evelyn

Tonight I met a man who inspired me. He lives in a retirement village where my mother has a salon. He is in his late 80s or early 90s. He is a part of a prayer team that prays for Keystone every week. Bill and his wife are great people. I immediately sensed a strong joy and passion for God in them. Bill began to tell us stories of how he flew planes in WWII. He flew a Mustang, a Spitfire and a Kitty Hawk. He told us about how he flew combat missions as a part of our alliance with the Royal Airforce for England. He was part of a team that chased down General Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox. Then he told us about how he transported the generals back to the states. He talked about how he flew General Patton, Dolittle, Sharp and many others. While preparing to head back to the states, they got an urgent message to head to Newfoundland to pick up a VIP. Once they landed on the icy runway they parked next to a plane with the name "Sunflower." Once their passenger was loaded, they realized it was General Eisenhower. They flew him back to Washington D.C. Mr. Evelyn also told us about how he worked for the King of Saudia Arabia and then how he managed the Consortium Engineers in the Middle East to help bring oil to the United States.

What impressed me the most was when the subject changed and we talked about Adrian Rogers. Adrian Rogers was a great pastor in Memphis who passed away a few weeks ago. Mr. Evelyn asked us if we had seen his memorial service on TV. We reminisced about Rogers and Mr. Evelyn said something powerful. "I bet you the Lord is very proud of Adrian. He was so faithful." That completely moved me. I felt it in my gut. At that moment I realized I wanted to hear that from the Lord. Have I been faithful? What really spoke to me was that Mr. Evelyn has seen and experienced so much yet he knows what counts. Thanks Mr. Evelyn.

Why am I here?

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Target Wakeup Call

I am sitting here in my parent's living room and we are debating whether we will get up before anything holy gets up to beat people to the sales. While we are talking a commercial from Target comes on telling me to sign-up for a wakeup call! WHAT?! So I checked it out and it is true and I think it is genuis because I immediately went to their website to see what it was all about. You can have anyone from Brad Paisely, Grandma Josephine, Harp Player (How would that wake anyone up?), Sheep or Boring Guy. Not sure who all these people are but they will call you and wake you up. Check it out!!!

The Best Hamburger in the World

Yesterday, I had the very best hamburger in the world. When I come home to Tulsa, I always have to go to Harden's Hamburgers at least 1-2 times. I can;t explain how good they are. They just are. If you like a very greasy burger with lots of flavor...then Harden's is the place. So if you are ever in Tulsa, gotta checkout Harden's. I think I will be going back tomorrow!!!

Quote of the day

This is a quote directly from my grandfather...

"Brian, get me a whiskey sandwich...hold the bread."

This is actually the quote of every Thanksgiving Day.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What are you thankful for?

What are you thankful for? Who do you say thank you to? Where do all the blessings in our life come from? The scriptures are very clear..."Every good and perfect gift come from God." (James 1:17). God also gives us exactly what we need. He watches over us. (Matt 6 & 7)

So I encourage you today to begin to think on all the blessings in your life. List 10 out. Don't just list them out...list why you are thankful. Trust me it is hard to stop at 10. Then turn your heart's affecions to God and give Him your heartfelt thanks this Thanksgiving!

What am I thankful for?
1) My relationship with God - I was without hope until I met Christ and He rescued me.
2) My Parents - Their unconditional love and support.
3) My Sister - I am thankful for her friendship, love and support. She has great passion for God. I am thankful that we live near each other.
4) My Church - I am super blessed with a new church (Keystone) with passion to proclaim freedom for captives, hope, healing, meaning and joy in life.
5) My Friends - I am blessed with very trustworthy friends. I experience true community with them
6) My Job - I get to serve a great God at a Great church. I wouldn't want to do anything else.
7) My Home - One year this Thursday, I moved into my beautiful home. It has been a blessing to me and many others.
8) My Tivo - I might be too thankful for this.
9) Wireless Internet - It is like oxygen these days.
10) My iPod and iPod connection to my car stereo. I love having all my music in my car. I might not someday when I have a wreck try to sift through 40 gb of music.
Bonus) Chik-fil-a - I gotta have my #1 value-sized with Coke or Sweet Tea.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!

James 1:17-18
Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning.

Matt 7:9-119
You parents — if your children ask for a loaf of bread, do you give them a stone instead? 10 Or if they ask for a fish, do you give them a snake? Of course not! 11 If you sinful people know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your heavenly Father give good gifts to those who ask him.NLT

Ps 106:1
Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; His love endures forever.

Ps 107:8-9
Let them give thanks to the LORD for his unfailing love and his wonderful deeds for men, for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.

Lucas and the future of theaters

In an interview, George Lucas explain why he thinks that, in order to combat piracy, studios will have to move to the iTunes model of distribution. "It's the way kids do it today. It's how you do it on your iPod: They just download it."

See full article: George Lucas talks about piracy and the future of movie theaters

Monday, November 21, 2005

The Revolution Continues - Tivo and iPod Team Up

TiVo Inc. is expanding its video recording service so users will be able to transfer recorded TV shows onto Apple Computer's iPods, according to an Associated Press report. By adding support for the MPEG-4 video format, TiVo hopes to capitalize on the immense popularity of Apple iPods.

When TiVO launched TiVoToGo in January 2005, TiVO Series2 broadband subscribers gained the ability to transfer recorded shows to Windows PCs and Windows Mobile-based Portable Media Center devices such as the Creative Zen, Samsung Yepp YH-999, and iriver PMC-120. The new TiVOToGo servise will also support Sony's PlayStation Portable. There is no information available at this time regarding support for transferring recorded shows to Apple Mac OS X personal computers, although one might infer that supporting MPEG-4 video will allow Macs to play such content.

Tivo's TiVOToGo webpages do not currently mention support for the Apple iPod. The new service feature will be available "today" for current TiVo subscribers as a beta test and for others early next year, according to the Associated Press report.

"The ability to transfer shows between a TiVo and Apple's market-leading iPod or Sony Corp.'s popular PSP 'may help cement the idea that a TiVo is better than a generic DVR,' said Stephen Baker, an analyst with NPD Group. 'Their route to success is to differentiate themselves from generic DVRs,'" Julie Tamaki reports for The Los Angeles Times. "TiVo subscribers will need to purchase special software to tap the features, said Jim Denney, TiVo's vice president of product marketing. The TiVo box would need to be connected to a home network and the program would first have to be transferred to a PC... Restricted content includes video-on-demand and pay-per-view, Denney added. TiVo also plans to make files traceable to discourage 'people from distributing the content beyond their personal use.'"

Full article here.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Black Friday Deals

This website is getting a lot of recognition from people (like New York Times, CNN, Fox News, etc) because it lists the special deals that stores will be running on the day after Thanksgiving, also known as BLACK FRIDAY. So if you like to plan ahaed for the biggest shopping day EVER, then check this out.

Best Inventions 2005

This is a cool article by Time Magazine.

Maxthon Tabbed Browser

I read It is a great site for those who love technology. The other day I came across a post to "The 100 Best Products of 2005." In that article I came across the Maxthon IE Browser PLugin. It is basically a shell for Internet Explorer. It has an RSS can customize it. One thing I really realy love because I am a MAC uses TABS for browsing. It is just like the Safari browser in OS X. What are tabs...basically, instead of having 13 IE browsers open at a time you have one window open and all your pages are in seperate tabs. Check out the pic to the right. The only downfall is that the google toolbar does not work but I have found some plugins to help out and shortcuts. Here is a website for different skins too.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

AOL joins the revolution...

Classic TV shows will soon be available online. AOL and Warner Bros. have partnered to offer streaming video of such shows as Welcome Back, Kotter, Perfect Strangers, Hangin' with Mr. Cooper, Growing Pains, Pinky and the Brain and Head of the Class. Finally, the genius of Balki from Perfect Strangers can be unleashed on a whole new generation

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What goes through the mind of a worship leader...?

So what goes through the mind and heart of a worship leader when choosing songs for a Gathering? Many many things. I thought I would give an inside scoop to everyone on what goes through my mind when planning a Gathering.

Let me begin by saying this...I believe that God blesses our preparation. The same God that can lead you on a Sunday is the same God who can lead you on a Monday morning or Tuesday afternoon or whenever to prepare for a Sunday.

All I will say below is very practical and may not seem "spiritual." So do not be discouraged. All that will be said below falls under the umbrella of "trusting the Spirit of God to guide and direct the prep of services. For example, a great sounding band without hearts tuned to what God is doing is "clashing cymbals" in the ear of God. So for as much prep as you do musically/technically do twice as much prep with your heart.

The first thing I ask is "What is the direction?" At Keystone, I am blessed to get great direction from my pastor Brandon Thomas. I firmly believe that Brandon is the actual worship leader and I am a support worship leader. The direction God gives Brandon for the message series drives...let me say that again...DRIVES...where we go on a Sunday. It is important to be on the same page. At Keystone, Brandon leads a creative team and this team meets diligently to seek God and His direction for where we need to go in our message series. Since the message drives the sermon, knowing the direction of the message is of ULTIMATE importance to planning a Gathering.

Then I list all the songs I can think of that deal with the message direction. This can be easy or very time consuming. I gather songs from many sources. My main source is a worship planning software I use - song base pro. I have compiled worship songs for about the last 10 years with this software. It is one of the most important pieces of software I own. I can't live without it. I also gather songs on the subject from iTunes, friends, fellow worship leaders and the creative team.

I take those songs and look at some practical things...lyric, key, tempo, musical difficulty and is it new and if it is how hard will it be for the people to learn it?

Lyrics are the most important ingredient when choosing a song. Does the song enhance the direction of the service? Do the lyrics make sense to the average attender or do they need a concordance, dictionary or seminary degree to understand the song?

Tempo is important for energy's sake. I believe church should be a BLAST! WHY? I truly believe that we have the most to celebrate! So celebration is important. I also believe that church should be life-changing and moving...inspiring. I think that there should be special moments of inspiration. Most moments of inspiration are with songs with slower tempo.

When choosing songs you are providing opportunies for the SPirit of God to work in someone's life.

Key is important for FLO. FLO is also very important. How is Key important? It is easy to flo from one song to another if they are in the same key. For example...this past Sunday we sang "Home" (by hillsongs) and Chris Tomlin's "Enough" followed it. They are both in the same key. So it made the transition seemless from one to another. Even though the 2 songs were different in tempo, I was able to break "Home" down at the end of the song to a slower tempo and end up at the tempo for "Enough." This allowed my to go directly into "Enough." Not only did the key flo and the tempo flo but the lyric had flo. When we sang "Home" at a slower tempo, it also emphasized the lyrics..."Home is heaven, one day Lord I will live. In your courts you'll find me in worship at Your feet. Hide me now in the shadow of your wings. It's where I will be. It's where I will be."....cause..."All of You is more than enough for allof me, for every thirst and every need. You satisfy me with Your love and all I have in You is more than enough." This was a great great moment.

You see FLO is important because it shows preparation. Here's an example, everything on TV or the radio is done with excellence. Excellence only comes from good preparation. I believe that as the church we should do everything with the utmost excellence. That means PREP! God is excellent and He deserves excellence. When you have FLO no one notices (until you remind them) but when you don't have FLO everyone notices it. How? When there is FLO it is seemless. With NO FLO, the service is looks like no thought was put into the looks like a bad talent show. It looks like we are not giving our best to God.

Another thing is musical difficulty. I am blessed with a very talented band. They pick up songs very quickly. However, we only have 1 hour to sound check and to rehearse songs and transitions. So I will way my options by looking at the difficulty of a new song. If it is an 8 (on a scale of 1-10) then it will take about 20 minutes to rehearse. That leaves me with 40 minutes for the rest of the rehearsal. So if I really feel like a difficult tune needs to be in the service, I will make sure the other tunes can be rehearsed in the alotted time. Music difficulty has an impact on the prep of a gathering.

Don't do too many NEW songs! This is so stinkin important. The goal of a Gathering at Keystone is for everyone to participate. If we do 3 newer songs and only have 6 total songs then that means that the people were only able to participate half of the time. So I have a goal to only do 1 new song during a service and maybe 1 newer song (meaning you have done it a couple times.) If you do a new song...have a goal to do it several times in a row to teach it. After a few weeks, if it does not catch on then scrap it.

These are some of the things that go on in my mind when preparing for Sunday. After the service is planned I soak up the service. My mentor, Kim Noblitt, taught me to "worship" through the order. So I do. It helps me work through the transitions..."How will we get from this song to the bumper (video intro)? How will we get from the Ministry Time to the next song? How will get from this song to that song? How will we end a song? How will we end the service? This is a valuable time because it exposes holes in the service. Once all the adjustments have been made, it frees me to enjoy the service because I know it so well.

So why all this PREP? Why not just choose 5 or 6 songs you like and just do them? Why think about flo? Why think about keys and tempo? Why pursue excellence? Why? Because you are giving God your best. It frees you to let go during the service and let God do His thing. You have done all you can do to get ready. You have prepared your best and that is what God is asking of you. It actaully frees me more to enjoy the service and worship myself.

TO all the worship leaders out there: PREPARE so when God moves and works in your services YOU ARE READY.

So that's a little of what goes on in my mind...sorry for the rambling.

Land on the Moon?

An “unreal” estate company in China has been shut down for selling acres of land on the moon. Beijing Lunar Village Aeronautics Science and Technology Co. sold 49 acres of prime lunar lots before the Chinese government revoked its business license. Though the lots offer a great view of the earth and plenty of valuable minerals, potential residents face some minor transportation issues...

...and are we really sure that we have been to the moon?

God Knows You Well

Matt 10:29-31
Not even a sparrow, worth only half a penny, can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs on your head are all numbered. So don't be afraid; you are more valuable to him than a whole flock of sparrows. NLT

Monday, November 14, 2005

Weekend Review - November 13, 2005

Music (with iTunes links)
Sing to the King
Enough (with Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus verse)
Cry Out to Jesus
Made Me Glad

Message - "The Storm of Worry"
Today Brandon talked about the Storm of Worry. There were many good points so I encourage you to get the podcast. One thing that spoke to me in particular - Take a "Thanks" inventory. Many times we take an inventory of our troubles and worries but not our thanks. When we take a "Thanks" inventory our troubles get smaller.

Today the band sounded really tight. I loved the transitions...from Home to Enough and out of Enough into Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. It was a great moment. Cry Out to Jesus was a huge favorite today. It spoke to many many people. The band played it very well.

Friday, November 11, 2005

In case you were wondering...GOLIATH is for real

Archaeologists digging at the site near the purported showdown between David and Goliath found a piece of pottery with the legendary Philistine’s name inscribed on it. Scholars believe the finding accurately supports the Bible’s timeframe of when Goliath actually lived...courtesy of

Sony, take the plank out of your own eye!

Sony Music, which has aggressively pursued lawsuits against music fans who illegally downloaded songs over the Internet, is now on the receiving end of a class action suit. A harmful program called “rootkit” automatically installs itself onto computers when copyright protected CDs are loaded into the hard drive to be played. Rootkit can cause major damage to computers and was discovered only after Sony claimed the program was harmless. Beyond a major lawsuit to deal with, Sony Music also seems to have a few customer service issues to deal with...

The End of Arrested Development

RELEVANT MAGAZINE: "Variety Magazine is reporting that Fox has decided not to renew the cult-hit Arrested Development for a full third season, marking what could arguably be the end to greatest series on television. Tonight at midnight, to honor the memory of the Bluth family, we all join in the playing of one last "Final Countdown," Gob's unforgettable anthem. Thanks for the laughs gang " I am sad.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

the ticket

Tonight I was speaking to my mother on the phone. She told me this great story she had read in Joel Osteen's book, "Your Best Life Now." This story really spoke to me tonight and I wanted to share it with you. Thanks mom!

Years ago, before transatlantic flight was common, a man wanted to travel to the United States from Europe. The man worked hard, saved every extra penny he could, and finally had just enough money to purchase a ticket aboard a cruise ship. The trip at that time required about two or three weeks to cross the ocean. He went out and bought a suitcase and filled it full of cheese and crackers. That's all he could afford.

Once on board, all the other passengers went to the large, ornate dining room to eat their gourmet meals. Meanwhile, the poor man would go over in the corner and eat his cheese and crackers. This went on day after day. He could smell the delicious food being served in the dining room. He heard the other passengers speak of it in glowing terms as they rubbed their bellies and complained about how full they were, and how they would have to go on a diet after this trip. The poor traveler wanted to join the other guests in the dining room, but he had no extra money. Sometimes he'd lie awake at night, dreaming of the sumptuous meals the other guests described.

Toward the end of the trip, another man came up to him and said, "Sir, I can't help but notice that you are always over there eating those cheese and crackers at mealtimes. Why don't you come into the banquet hall and eat with us?"

The traveler's face flushed with embarrassment. "Well, to tell you the truth, I had only enough money to buy the ticket. I don't have any extra money to purchase fancy meals."
The other passenger raised his eyebrows in surprise. He shook his head and said, "Sir, don't you realize the meals are included in the price of the ticket? Your meals have already been paid for!"

When I first heard that story, I couldn't help but think of how many people are similar to that naive traveler. They are missing out on God's best because they don't realize that the good things in life have already been paid for. They may be on their way to heaven, but they don't know what has been included in the price of their ticket. Excerpted from "Your Best Life Now" By Joel Osteen

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

OU vs. A&M and I'm There!

I am heading off to Norman this Saturday morning just before God gets up. I am going with my sis to meet up with some friends to watch the Sooners play the Aggies. 2 years agao I was at the 77-0 romp that OU put on A&M. I highly doubt that will happen this year. I think it will be a good game. BOOMER SOONER!!!

Relevant Magazine RSS Feed

I love In fact, it is my home page. They have just now added an RSS feed. You can copy this Feed URL into your Reader to subscribe to their content.

Switchfoot @ the Gypsy Tea Room

I just got back from the Switchfoot concert at the Gyspy Tea Room in Downtown Dallas. First of all, I loved the venue...I mean loved the venue...very very intimate...There were only about 400-500 people...if that. I was in the back and could have hit the band with a rock or poked them with a large poking device (kinda like the one on "Friends"...anyways, onto the concert.

Augustana opened. Not bad...they were tight as a band. They had a Foo Fighters sound. Then came Eisley. They are a young band from Tyler, TX. They definitely had a Sixpence None the Richer sound but had some Keane and Radiohead influences in their sound. The band was made up of 2 guys and 3 girls. 2 of the girls sang and the vocals were AMAZING. they played for about 45 minutes. To be honest, I was amazed at the vocals and sound when they came out...but after about the 4th song they began to sound the same. The only other downside of that part of the show was this...I was standing behind the HULK. The Gyspy Tea Room is a venue where you have to stand the whole show and you are all on the same level. So if the HULK (This guy had the largest head I had ever seen with a huge HULK haircut - his head was like an Orange on a toothpick) stands in front of you then you will see nothing...well not nothing will see black hair. So we moved to the back and saw everything better. The key to the Gypsy Team Room for me was to stand in the back. It sounded better and I saw everything.

Then came Switchfoot. 2 words.... WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! Now I just came from seeing 2 amazing shows in the past 45 days...Coldplay and U2. I must admit I was thinking this would be a good show but not at the same level. I am here to tell was the same level. I don;t know if it was the intimate setting, the amazing sound mix or the lights or even the great performance of Switchfoot but they really blew me away. I kept finding myself singing with all my heart at the top of my lungs and saying to my friends..."Are you kidding me...this is amazing!"

So what was so amazing? First of all, The vocals were SPOT ON. I expected the band to be good but knowing their sound, I anticipated that the vocals would struggle...MAN was I wrong. The LIGHTS...when I walked in the room and saw the venue for the first time, I thought that the lights would just be average. SF hid them well because when the show (Switchfoot) started the lights were Brilliant! There were about 6 movers, some white footlight and side light and then...I said THEN...6 vertical bars of light...more like Vertical Strips. I am not sure how to describe them...I think they were actually barco video wall panels that had been customized to look like polls...but the powerful part is that they were SO bright. They lit the whole room. they would scroll different colors, strobe and do all sorts of Happy goodness!!! I tlooked like digital pyro!

My favorite parts of the show...there were so just a few...I loved Dare you to Move. The crowd sang with all their might. Well they actually sang the whole night with all their might! I really love The Shadow Proves the Sunshine. It really spoke to me about grace and God's help for us in the hard times. Here is a lyric...
Oh Lord, why did you forsake me?
Oh Lord, don't be far away away
Storm clouds gathering beside me
Please Lord, don't look the other way
Crooked souls trying to stay up straight
Dry eyes in the pouring rain well
The shadow proves the sunshine
The shadow proves the sunshine
To scared that I'll run always
Hold fast to the break of day light were
The shadow proves the sunshine
The shadow proves the sunshine
You might here that tune sometime soon at Keystone. Stars was stunning because of the great musicianship...the guitars were perfect. Meant To Live was moving because of the lyric they had the crowd sing over and over..."We want more than this world has to offer...We were meant to live for so much more..." As I write this I have to go ahead and admit that I loved the whole show...I am finding it hard to narrow down favorite parts so i will do this instead...GO SEE SWITCHFOOT! You will not be disappointed and you will probably see me there if you see them in Dallas!
So to wrap up...I was mostly amazed with how great Swtichfoot sounded and their performace...great stage presence and great overall show...i believed they honored God and I left wanting more! I also left not being able to feel my legs after standing 4 hours but OH WELL, it was worth it!!!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

i am at switchfoot

99 cent Replays

TV networks CBS and NBC are planning to offer replays of prime-time programs for 99 cents an episode through satellite operator DirecTV. If you ask us, paying 99 cents to watch reruns of shows like Big Brother and The Biggest Loser is still a rip-off. courtesy

Election Day

Don't forget to vote today. In Keller, TX you can vote at the Keller Town Hall. Remember to vote FOR the Marriage Ammendment.

Directions to Keller Town Hall.

Monday, November 07, 2005

Switchfoot @ the Gypsy Tea Room

I am going to see Switchfoot at the Gypsy Tea Room tomorrow night. I am stoked! Wow! did I just use the word stoked? Anyways...I am very EXCITED about seeing them. I have never seen them before nor have I ever been to the Gyspy Tea Room nor did I know that gypsies made tea so good that they would name a room after them.

I'll give a reveiw after the show!!!

Stuart's McRIB

Here is a great post on the McRIB from fellow Keystoner - Stuart Cowen.

Worship Leader Network

Last night I had the great priveleg at leading worship with the Keystone Band at TEAM Church's Orchard Celebration. It was an event for all the church plants that TEAM Church has supported to come together and celebrate all God has done and will do in these new churches. After the gathering I had the opportunity to meet several worship leaders. I heard some great ideas and got to bounce some of my ideas off of them. I spoke with one of my peers about community and how important it is for us to shre our lives with each other. I really believe worship leaders have kindred spirits. They think in unique ways. When I meet a fellow worship leader I can sense a connection with them and it opens doors with them to share my heart.

All that so say, I really sensed God birthing a vision in my heart to start a network for worship leaders in the metroplex. It is a unique network. It is a network for worship leaders who are in church plants/brand new churches. Why? Because our audience can be very very different. In the past I have led worship at churches made up of church people who understand worship but now at Keystone I am surrounded by new Christ Followers who are learning what it means to worship. So my language has changed. I am challeneged to speak with a new language...not christianese. I also have found that choosing songs is a different process too for this new audience. I want songs that don't need alot of when the words go on the screens someone doesn't need Webster's dictionary and a Concordance to understand the meaning onf the song. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for these tunes but it needs to be strategic.

All of that to say...I want to meet with other worship leaders who are learning these same things. I think we could sharpen each other. So if you are a worship leader in a brand new church, church plant, maybe a seeker model and live in the DFW metroplex...give me shout.

Weekend Review - November 6, 2005

Music (with iTunes links)
Beautiful One
Your Grace Is Enough
Nothing But the Blood
Come Ye Sinners

Message - "The Storm of Temptation"
Brandon talked about how temptation can be a STORM in our lives. He gave a process by which temptation leads to destruction. It goes like this...Desire leads to Deception leads to Disobedience leads to Destruction. This is the case when we believe the lie of the Enemy that He can satisfy our God given desires in God forbidden ways. Brandon also used the illustration that Satan has a tackle box and He will use every lure to until He finds one to get you. BUT HAVE NO FEAR - God gives us a TOOL box that equips us to withstand any temptation. The message is based in James 1:12-16. You should check out the podcast.

Since the apple is the universal symbol of temptation - we gave HUGE red apples to everyone as they left. It was a great day!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

God is Kind

Eph 1:6-86
6 So we praise God for the wonderful kindness he has poured out on us because we belong to his dearly loved Son. 7 He is so rich in kindness that he purchased our freedom through the blood of his Son, and our sins are forgiven. 8 He has showered his kindness on us, along with all wisdom and understanding. NLT

Sony, those sneaky rascals...

Below is a quote from an article on Sony's new DRM (Digital Rights Management) technology. Basically, DRM is a way for Sony to protect their content from piracy.

You buy a CD. You put the CD into your PC in order to enjoy your music. Sony grabs this opportunity to sneak into your house like a virus and set up camp, and it leaves the backdoor open so that Sony or any other enterprising intruder can follow and have the run of the place. If you try to kick Sony out, it trashes the place. And what does this software do once it's on your PC? Well, here is (via David Berlind's excellent breakdown of the issue) what Amazon's CD listing page has to say on the subject:
"This product limits your ability to make multiple digital copies of its content, and you will not be able to play this disc or make copies onto devices not listed as compatible. Content/copy protected CDs should allow limited burning, as well as ripping into secure Windows Media Audio formats for playback with most compatible media players and portable devices. In rare cases, these CDs may not be compatible with computer CD-ROM players, DVD players, game consoles, or car CD stereos, and often are not transferable to other formats like MP3." By Molly Wood

Read the rest of the article here.

Friday, November 04, 2005

CBS on iTunes?

CBS is in talks with Apple about signing up for that nifty iTunes Music Store video downloads thing they’ve got going on. Apparently they’re just making sure the price is right, but in the meantime they’re setting up some show downloads on, so at least it’s certain that ABC won’t be the only game in town as far as downloadable network TV goes. We were hearing some rumors of NBC talks as well, and we’ll try not to get ahead of ourselves here, but we have to believe that once all three networks get up and running on iTunes, the fight will be for who can offer the most and freshest content, a veritable paradise for the consumer, at least that’s what happens in the reoccurring dream we’ve been having on the subject.

Keeping Up With Lost

As if we didn't have enough Lost material to decipher, Hyperion has announced plans to publish a manuscript supposedly written by one of the characters on Oceanic flight 815. Bad Twin hits stores in the spring, around the same time its author will become part of Lost's plot. Hmm, I'm curious already.

Another link to this story


Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman said in a TV interview that he wants to cut the thumbs off people who put graffiti on city freeways. The mayor said that he doesn’t want his city’s beautiful highway landscape defaced by taggers. Because with its legalized prostitution and high-stakes gambling, Las Vegas has always taken the moral high ground. courtesy of

Thursday, November 03, 2005


While I was on my retreat, I kept highlighting things or making notes. I thought, "I wonder if there is a pen to just scan this stuff into my computer?" WAAAA - LAAAA!!! There is! It is called INFOSCAN by WizCom. I picked one up the other day. All the stuff I have been blogging about fromt he books I read have been scanned in using InfoScan. It works great. I think this could be a great tool for Pastors in their research, Seminary students, etc. It was about $100 and I picked mine up at CompUSA. I am a gadget freak and this oen has not disappointed.
3 Cheers for InfoScan!

BTW, Here is a product description from WizCom.
InfoScan, WizCom's “Electronic Note Taker”, is used just like a yellow highlighter. InfoScan enables you to scan and transfer printed text directly into a PC or scan, store and transfer up to 500 pages of printed data to a PC, laptop, PDA or any Windows application via Infra-red or USB connection at your leisure. This completely mobile device offers users a quick and easy way to take notes from almost any printed document, creating fully editable MS Word documents on the PC, PDA or any Windows application.

Velvet Elvis

One of the books I read on my retreat was "Velvet Elvis" by Rob Bell. This is a great book. I challenge you to read it. It will make you think about your faith. Here is an excerpt that moved me.

When we understand salvation from a legal-transaction perspective, then the point of the cross becomes what it has done for us. There is the once-and-for-all work of Jesus dying on the cross for our sins and saying, "lt is finished." Nothing more to be offered and nothing more to be sacrificed. Jesus' death perfectly satisfies God. We claim this truth as Christians. AIl has been forgiven. But let's also use a slightly different phrase: the work of the cross in us. There is Jesus' death on our behalf once and for all, but there is the ongoing work of the cross in our hearts and minds and souls and lives. There is the ongoing need to return to the cross to be reminded of our brokenness and dependence on God. There is the healing we need from the cross every single day.

Which leads to forgiveness. The point of the cross isn't forgiveness. Forgiveness leads to something much bigger: restoration. God isn't just interested in the covering over of our sins; God wants to make us into the people we were originally created to be. It is not just the removal of what's being held against us; it is God pulling us into the people He originally had in mind when He made us. This restoration is why Jesus always orients His message around becoming the kind of people who are generous and loving and compassionate. The goal here isn't simply to not sin. Our purpose is to increase the shalom (peace) in this world, which is why approaches to the Christian faith that deal solely with not sinning always fail. They aim at the wrong thing. It is not about what you don't do. The point is becoming more and more the kind of people God had in mind when we were first created.

It is one thing to be forgiven; it is another thing to become more and more and more and more the person God made you to be.

Velvet Elvis, Copyright 2005 by Rob Bell (pg 108)

Assistant TO THE Regional Manager

Does anyone watch "The Office?" This is on "Dwight's Blog" on If you watch the show, this will be hilarious to you. If not then, oh well.

The Blog of Dwight K. Schrute - Assistant TO THE Regional Manager
"When the fire heats the water to the boiling point, we have to keep it lighted with the same intensity, because if we reduce its flame, the water gets cold. It is not enough to boil the water, we have to keep it boiling all the time."
- a famous oriental/asian karate proverb

That is my philosophy in a nutshell. And that is whyI study KARATE. (pronounced Ka-ra-TE').

I like to keep my water boiling all the time. That is the essence of my male power. And why I'm so good at sales. And why I'm so intense.

Also, I study Karate so that I can injure people HARD if they wish me and mine harm. I want to be able to destroy them. I want to be able to kick them in the neck or throat if they come after me. Which is just a matter of time.

It's also good cardio.

Here in Scranton it is 46 degrees and SLEETY. I lovesleet. It's so bracing. It's not snow (wimpy) orrain (annoying). It's sleet. It's its own thing. Sleet is the most unappreciated type of weather. Thiswinter, let's all try and have a deeper respect forsleet and what it does and what it is.

Also- think about the way the throat and swallowing works. The epiglotis decides what goes where down the trachea and/or esophogus. But it gets no respect. This tiny flap of skin in your neck decides if something is food or air. The food goes to your tummy. The air goes to your lungs. Without it your food would go straight into your lungs and clog them up. You'd have soup in your lungs. Or a sandwich. Or doritos. Or Fresca. OR you would get air in your tummy. All that from the tiny, powerful epiglotis.

In many ways, I am like the epiglotis. Small, unappreciated, not well thought of or respected, but POWERFUL. So powerful that without me you'd have foodin your lungs.

That is all.
Dwight K. Schrute

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Help Prison Break

This is from

One victim of Fox's early rebound is Prison Break. Designed as a placeholder for 24, which returns Jan. 15, Break is scheduled to complete its initial 13-week run Nov. 28, but won't return to finish its first season until May. "The appeal of creatively bringing it back later in the year and keeping it on in the summer outweighs the disruption it would cause" to try to fit in the nine remaining episodes sooner, says scheduling chief Preston Beckman.

So sad.