Monday, November 07, 2005

Worship Leader Network

Last night I had the great priveleg at leading worship with the Keystone Band at TEAM Church's Orchard Celebration. It was an event for all the church plants that TEAM Church has supported to come together and celebrate all God has done and will do in these new churches. After the gathering I had the opportunity to meet several worship leaders. I heard some great ideas and got to bounce some of my ideas off of them. I spoke with one of my peers about community and how important it is for us to shre our lives with each other. I really believe worship leaders have kindred spirits. They think in unique ways. When I meet a fellow worship leader I can sense a connection with them and it opens doors with them to share my heart.

All that so say, I really sensed God birthing a vision in my heart to start a network for worship leaders in the metroplex. It is a unique network. It is a network for worship leaders who are in church plants/brand new churches. Why? Because our audience can be very very different. In the past I have led worship at churches made up of church people who understand worship but now at Keystone I am surrounded by new Christ Followers who are learning what it means to worship. So my language has changed. I am challeneged to speak with a new language...not christianese. I also have found that choosing songs is a different process too for this new audience. I want songs that don't need alot of when the words go on the screens someone doesn't need Webster's dictionary and a Concordance to understand the meaning onf the song. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for these tunes but it needs to be strategic.

All of that to say...I want to meet with other worship leaders who are learning these same things. I think we could sharpen each other. So if you are a worship leader in a brand new church, church plant, maybe a seeker model and live in the DFW metroplex...give me shout.

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