Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Coldplay Pics

The concert was great. Coldplay put on a great show. I loved all the technical elements like the video and lights. The seats were great and the sound was good. This was my sister Angie's Christmas present. I think she really enjoyed it. Below are some pics I took at the concert. By the way, Coldplay was probably the best concert I saw all year. Something about their music is so relaxing and fun all at the same time. So if you get the chance to see them live...don't pass it up.

First song...."Square One"

Still "Square One"



"The Scientist"

"In My Place"

Coldplay says Goodbye

Sunday, February 26, 2006

On my way to coldplay!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Passion on iTunes

This is what I saw today when I made a visit to the iTunes Music Store. That's right...Passion Worship music had this huge billboard on the main page. Way to go guys!

Everyone should buy this EP so that it hits the top of the charts and everyone looks at it.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Too Busy Not to Pray

I am reading this great book. You should check it out. Too Busy Not to Pray by Bill Hybels

Here are some exerpts from Chapter 2.
  • God is busy keeping the cosmos in order. He doesn't want to hear about my little problems.
  • God would think I was selfish if I prayed for my own needs. If I really love Him, I'll put myself in last place.
  • I know that "the cattle on a thousand hills" belong to God, but that's just a figure of speech. He's not in the business of taking care of me, and I won't ask Him to do it.
Have you ever made any statements like these? If so, you're not alone, but you're tragically mistaken. Those statements are all based on a lie straight from hell - the lie that God doesn't care about His children...
...If imperfect Fathers love to bestow blessings on their children, imagine how our perfect Father in heaven must delight in giving good gifts to us, His beloved children.

Look again at the statements made above that we have all made at one time or another. Think of how brutal they would sound if they represented the attitudes of a human father.
  • I'm busy at the office. I don't want to hear about your lost bike or unfair teacher.
  • Don't bother me with your personal needs. I want to take care of everyone but you, If you really love me, you'll survive on bread and water.
  • Sure, I'm rich, but there's no reason I should give you anything. Back off.
Good fathers don't talk like that. Now take a good father's feeling for his children and multiply it exponentially, and you'll know how your heavenly Father feels about you. No one's voice sounds sweeter to God than yours. Nothing in the cosmos would keep Him from directing his full attention to your requests. Is anything holding you back from making them known to Him right now?



So I know it has been a while since I have blogged and I am sorry. I gotta be honest...I just wasn't feeling it. But tonight I got really really excited about something and I felt it...I have this deep desire and want to share it.

So all day today I have been soaking on a worship order I have been preparing for this weekend at Keystone Church. We are starting a new series to TACKLE temptation. Big deal. Huge felt need for anyone who has blood running through their veins. So...I asked myself, "Brian, what songs do you sing when you are talking about temptation?" With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I realized we would sing about God's freeing work purchased through Christ's sacrifice on the cross. (Songs like: Look to You, Marvelous Light, Nothing but the Blood, Pure, Rescue). I was pumped about the order. But something was missing. I wanted something raw and honest...something that would show someone's deep struggle with desire.

Fast Forward (or forward-wind if you are Chuck) to around 9:15pmish. I am watching this wicked cool show I can't get enough of...I know you all think I am talking about 24 and you are right I love that show but I am actually talking about the show House. I really dig that show. In the show, this tune starts to play...the simple acoustic guitar moves me instantly...the lyrics are raw and honest and then...OH THEN...the harmonica solo. It was so powerful. It's as if the harmonica represents someone pouring out their soul. Oh yeah, the song was called...Desire by Ryan Adams. It is perfect for this weekend.

You see, I have this passion for creativity in worship. I have this driving desire to pursue excellence because I want to give God our best. Now, we could do this cool song because it is simply "cool." But it is so so much more...it is an illustration. An example. An illustration that will stick with people. The lyrics will emphasize our deep struggle with desire...the essence of temptation. I believe God will bless it.

So you say, "Why are you so pumped?" "Why did this move you to share this?" Because I felt God smiling on me. It was as if He winked at me. Remember...I felt there was something missing in the service...and you may not agree but I feel as if God used House tonight to wink at me and smile. It was like I had an inside joke or story with God. I like to think God was a little giddy while I was watching House...just waiting for that music to start. Like a parent waiting for their child to open a present on Christmas morning.

What's the point of this...be aware of God winking at you and smiling. My friend says that often. Psalm 139 says "How vast are your thoughts about me Oh God. Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand." God thinks about you more than you think about yourself.

Come check out Keystone this week and see how God uses "Desire."

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Additional 1 percent

Bono spoke to President Bush and members of Congress at the annual National Prayer Breakfast this week. Bono called for the U.S. government to increase its federal spending an additional 1 percent to go toward the world’s poor. He quoted text from Islamic, Jewish and Christian sources. A full transcript can be found here