Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Coldplay Pics

The concert was great. Coldplay put on a great show. I loved all the technical elements like the video and lights. The seats were great and the sound was good. This was my sister Angie's Christmas present. I think she really enjoyed it. Below are some pics I took at the concert. By the way, Coldplay was probably the best concert I saw all year. Something about their music is so relaxing and fun all at the same time. So if you get the chance to see them live...don't pass it up.

First song...."Square One"

Still "Square One"



"The Scientist"

"In My Place"

Coldplay says Goodbye


feminine said...

Hi, thanks for posting your great piccies! I am so envious! Wish I could have been there. Saw them in December 2005 and they were really great. Can't wait to see them again. I agree with you, Coldplay put on a great show!

Jen said...

I love coldplay
X & Y rocks

Like your blog