Monday, November 07, 2005

Weekend Review - November 6, 2005

Music (with iTunes links)
Beautiful One
Your Grace Is Enough
Nothing But the Blood
Come Ye Sinners

Message - "The Storm of Temptation"
Brandon talked about how temptation can be a STORM in our lives. He gave a process by which temptation leads to destruction. It goes like this...Desire leads to Deception leads to Disobedience leads to Destruction. This is the case when we believe the lie of the Enemy that He can satisfy our God given desires in God forbidden ways. Brandon also used the illustration that Satan has a tackle box and He will use every lure to until He finds one to get you. BUT HAVE NO FEAR - God gives us a TOOL box that equips us to withstand any temptation. The message is based in James 1:12-16. You should check out the podcast.

Since the apple is the universal symbol of temptation - we gave HUGE red apples to everyone as they left. It was a great day!

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Stuart Cowen said...

I loved the creativity of passing out the apples. When are you going to pass out the McRibs?