Monday, November 28, 2005

New Keystone Website Feature

This past week we added a new feature to the Keystone website. It is a small feature but I think a pretty cool one. We added a "Mark Your Calendar" feature. Basically, when a user clicks the link Mark Your Calendar, a ".vcs" card opens with all the info for their Outlook calendar. All they do is open it and save it. It is pretty cool.

Here is a sample...Mark your Calendar

How did we set it up? 1) I created a folder on our server called "vcalendar." 2) I created the vcalendar file in Outlook. Creating file: In Outlook Calendar, Click NEW, Fill in all the info (Subject, Location, Start Time & End Time, etc), then choose File, Save As. Save your file as a .vcs to your vcalendar folder. 3) I created a link on a webpage that linked to the .vcs file in the vcalendar folder. BAM! There you go!

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