Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Switchfoot @ the Gypsy Tea Room

I just got back from the Switchfoot concert at the Gyspy Tea Room in Downtown Dallas. First of all, I loved the venue...I mean loved the venue...very very intimate...There were only about 400-500 people...if that. I was in the back and could have hit the band with a rock or poked them with a large poking device (kinda like the one on "Friends"...anyways, onto the concert.

Augustana opened. Not bad...they were tight as a band. They had a Foo Fighters sound. Then came Eisley. They are a young band from Tyler, TX. They definitely had a Sixpence None the Richer sound but had some Keane and Radiohead influences in their sound. The band was made up of 2 guys and 3 girls. 2 of the girls sang and the vocals were AMAZING. they played for about 45 minutes. To be honest, I was amazed at the vocals and sound when they came out...but after about the 4th song they began to sound the same. The only other downside of that part of the show was this...I was standing behind the HULK. The Gyspy Tea Room is a venue where you have to stand the whole show and you are all on the same level. So if the HULK (This guy had the largest head I had ever seen with a huge HULK haircut - his head was like an Orange on a toothpick) stands in front of you then you will see nothing...well not nothing will see black hair. So we moved to the back and saw everything better. The key to the Gypsy Team Room for me was to stand in the back. It sounded better and I saw everything.

Then came Switchfoot. 2 words.... WOW WOW WOW WOW!!! Now I just came from seeing 2 amazing shows in the past 45 days...Coldplay and U2. I must admit I was thinking this would be a good show but not at the same level. I am here to tell was the same level. I don;t know if it was the intimate setting, the amazing sound mix or the lights or even the great performance of Switchfoot but they really blew me away. I kept finding myself singing with all my heart at the top of my lungs and saying to my friends..."Are you kidding me...this is amazing!"

So what was so amazing? First of all, The vocals were SPOT ON. I expected the band to be good but knowing their sound, I anticipated that the vocals would struggle...MAN was I wrong. The LIGHTS...when I walked in the room and saw the venue for the first time, I thought that the lights would just be average. SF hid them well because when the show (Switchfoot) started the lights were Brilliant! There were about 6 movers, some white footlight and side light and then...I said THEN...6 vertical bars of light...more like Vertical Strips. I am not sure how to describe them...I think they were actually barco video wall panels that had been customized to look like polls...but the powerful part is that they were SO bright. They lit the whole room. they would scroll different colors, strobe and do all sorts of Happy goodness!!! I tlooked like digital pyro!

My favorite parts of the show...there were so just a few...I loved Dare you to Move. The crowd sang with all their might. Well they actually sang the whole night with all their might! I really love The Shadow Proves the Sunshine. It really spoke to me about grace and God's help for us in the hard times. Here is a lyric...
Oh Lord, why did you forsake me?
Oh Lord, don't be far away away
Storm clouds gathering beside me
Please Lord, don't look the other way
Crooked souls trying to stay up straight
Dry eyes in the pouring rain well
The shadow proves the sunshine
The shadow proves the sunshine
To scared that I'll run always
Hold fast to the break of day light were
The shadow proves the sunshine
The shadow proves the sunshine
You might here that tune sometime soon at Keystone. Stars was stunning because of the great musicianship...the guitars were perfect. Meant To Live was moving because of the lyric they had the crowd sing over and over..."We want more than this world has to offer...We were meant to live for so much more..." As I write this I have to go ahead and admit that I loved the whole show...I am finding it hard to narrow down favorite parts so i will do this instead...GO SEE SWITCHFOOT! You will not be disappointed and you will probably see me there if you see them in Dallas!
So to wrap up...I was mostly amazed with how great Swtichfoot sounded and their performace...great stage presence and great overall show...i believed they honored God and I left wanting more! I also left not being able to feel my legs after standing 4 hours but OH WELL, it was worth it!!!

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