Friday, November 18, 2005

Maxthon Tabbed Browser

I read It is a great site for those who love technology. The other day I came across a post to "The 100 Best Products of 2005." In that article I came across the Maxthon IE Browser PLugin. It is basically a shell for Internet Explorer. It has an RSS can customize it. One thing I really realy love because I am a MAC uses TABS for browsing. It is just like the Safari browser in OS X. What are tabs...basically, instead of having 13 IE browsers open at a time you have one window open and all your pages are in seperate tabs. Check out the pic to the right. The only downfall is that the google toolbar does not work but I have found some plugins to help out and shortcuts. Here is a website for different skins too.


Anonymous said...

Hey man, just wait for IE 7, it has the tabbed browsing ability and RSS built in. I have the beta right now.

Brian said...

How did you get the beta? Can anyone get it?