Thursday, November 03, 2005

Assistant TO THE Regional Manager

Does anyone watch "The Office?" This is on "Dwight's Blog" on If you watch the show, this will be hilarious to you. If not then, oh well.

The Blog of Dwight K. Schrute - Assistant TO THE Regional Manager
"When the fire heats the water to the boiling point, we have to keep it lighted with the same intensity, because if we reduce its flame, the water gets cold. It is not enough to boil the water, we have to keep it boiling all the time."
- a famous oriental/asian karate proverb

That is my philosophy in a nutshell. And that is whyI study KARATE. (pronounced Ka-ra-TE').

I like to keep my water boiling all the time. That is the essence of my male power. And why I'm so good at sales. And why I'm so intense.

Also, I study Karate so that I can injure people HARD if they wish me and mine harm. I want to be able to destroy them. I want to be able to kick them in the neck or throat if they come after me. Which is just a matter of time.

It's also good cardio.

Here in Scranton it is 46 degrees and SLEETY. I lovesleet. It's so bracing. It's not snow (wimpy) orrain (annoying). It's sleet. It's its own thing. Sleet is the most unappreciated type of weather. Thiswinter, let's all try and have a deeper respect forsleet and what it does and what it is.

Also- think about the way the throat and swallowing works. The epiglotis decides what goes where down the trachea and/or esophogus. But it gets no respect. This tiny flap of skin in your neck decides if something is food or air. The food goes to your tummy. The air goes to your lungs. Without it your food would go straight into your lungs and clog them up. You'd have soup in your lungs. Or a sandwich. Or doritos. Or Fresca. OR you would get air in your tummy. All that from the tiny, powerful epiglotis.

In many ways, I am like the epiglotis. Small, unappreciated, not well thought of or respected, but POWERFUL. So powerful that without me you'd have foodin your lungs.

That is all.
Dwight K. Schrute


Sandi Walker said...

This show is great!!

Jess said...

Love "The Office"

I've got the BBC version on DVD... but the American version has certainly grown on me!