Friday, November 25, 2005

Mr. Evelyn

Tonight I met a man who inspired me. He lives in a retirement village where my mother has a salon. He is in his late 80s or early 90s. He is a part of a prayer team that prays for Keystone every week. Bill and his wife are great people. I immediately sensed a strong joy and passion for God in them. Bill began to tell us stories of how he flew planes in WWII. He flew a Mustang, a Spitfire and a Kitty Hawk. He told us about how he flew combat missions as a part of our alliance with the Royal Airforce for England. He was part of a team that chased down General Erwin Rommel, the Desert Fox. Then he told us about how he transported the generals back to the states. He talked about how he flew General Patton, Dolittle, Sharp and many others. While preparing to head back to the states, they got an urgent message to head to Newfoundland to pick up a VIP. Once they landed on the icy runway they parked next to a plane with the name "Sunflower." Once their passenger was loaded, they realized it was General Eisenhower. They flew him back to Washington D.C. Mr. Evelyn also told us about how he worked for the King of Saudia Arabia and then how he managed the Consortium Engineers in the Middle East to help bring oil to the United States.

What impressed me the most was when the subject changed and we talked about Adrian Rogers. Adrian Rogers was a great pastor in Memphis who passed away a few weeks ago. Mr. Evelyn asked us if we had seen his memorial service on TV. We reminisced about Rogers and Mr. Evelyn said something powerful. "I bet you the Lord is very proud of Adrian. He was so faithful." That completely moved me. I felt it in my gut. At that moment I realized I wanted to hear that from the Lord. Have I been faithful? What really spoke to me was that Mr. Evelyn has seen and experienced so much yet he knows what counts. Thanks Mr. Evelyn.

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