Tuesday, October 04, 2005

David Crowder band - iTunes TOP 10

I purchased the new David Crowder tunes last Tuesday when they released. The new album is called "A Collision." I noticed when I bought it that it was #3 on the TOP downloaded albums. I thought...THAT is cool. Then I thought it will probably go away after today because it is just everyone downloading it the day it comes out. BOY WAS I WRONG! All weekend DCB stayed at #3 above Kanye and Coldplay and many others. Today it is at #7 ...but WOW! What an amazing opportunity! Think of all the people who will just listen to a couple of tracks to check it out because it is rated so high! I pray that God will use DCB to show His love to people throught iTunes!

The album is also very great! You should check it out!

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