Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Weekend Review - October 2, 2005

Music (With Links to iTunes)
Beautiful One
I Will Not Forget You
Sing to the King
How Great Is Our God
Till I See You

Series - Losing My Religion
Message - Hypocrisy - Can't Keep All the Rules
This message was very powerful. 6 Questions were asked and they cut straight to the heart...
Do you Practice What you Preach?
Are you All Show & No Grow?
What Kind of Legacy are you Leaving?
Is Money your God?
Are your priorities out of whack?
Do build your life “Inside-Out”?
Do believe the myth: “I would never!”
Check the audio out for more clarification.

Despite a couple technical glitches it was good day. God really used Brandon as he spoke on Hypocrisy. We had a great day in attendance as well despite it being Fall Break. The specail moment for me in both services was during "How Great Is Our God." I was just reminded at how great God has been to me personally and how great he has been to my/His church.

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