Saturday, August 06, 2005

Keystone is growing!

I serve at Keystone Church in Keller, TX. We had or first public service last November. We averaged under a hundred for a while. We had 12 kids on the first Sunday. This past Sunday (9 months later), we had over 280 people in attendence and 74 kids! HOLY COW! What is amazing is that this is not just a one time occurence. Last week we had just over 280 too. The best part about all this is that last Sunday we had 4 people indicate that they wanted to become Christ-Followers.
I never thought i would be a church planter but now I must say God has truly blessed me. He truly does order our steps. I absolutely love what I do and wouldn;t want to do anythign else.. The freedom to communicate the gospel in creative ways with tradition has support and seeing peope grow in their faith Christ is truly amazing. There have been many times of intense faith testing but moments like this past Sunday complteley make them worth it. It is also a blessing to see people blossom as they serve. Please pray for Keystone Church as we continue to grow and see more and more people in the North Fort Worth Corridor become passionate followers of Christ.

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Stuart Cowen said...

Count on us to lift you guys up to the Father!