Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Creative Speeches

So tonight I checked out the Golden Globes. I Tivoed it because I only like to watch the speaches of the people I like and I can't stand all the cheesy banter and "special" awards. I guess one of the main reasons I watch award shows is to see if I have good taste in entertainement choices...really...I just want to see if they agreee with me...anyways...;)

I noticed that all 5 best male actor nominees in a TV drama were from shows I watched...I felt so good...then they started naming the movie categories and realized...I knew nothing...except for Walk the Line...it won best Musical/Comedy (Why are they in the same category?) and best actor and actress in the same crazy category.

Onto why i named this post "creative speeches"... Hugh Laurey from "House" gave a great speech. He said he had so many people to thank (172 to be exact) that he wrote them all down on seperate pieces of paper and put them in his pocket. He then told us he would pick 3 names randomly to thank...He gave his pocket a little shake to mix it up and pulled the first name. It was very witty because the first name was some minimal role and the next the same and the last was his agent. Very funny. THEN...Steve Carrel (Spelling?) from The Office (Fav show)...said he did not write a speech because he did not think he would win but his wife did and handed it to him as he was walking up to the stage. The speech was littered with thanks to his wife. Very funny also.

I love it when talented people share their gifts. It also makes the award show much more bearable.

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