Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Going on a retreat

On Monday, I will be heading to a cabin in Angel Fire, NM to retreat by myself. A while back I watched the Nooma video, "Noise." This video impacted me so much that I realized I needed to retreat away from the noise in my life. There are a couple of reason whay I feel God is leading me there. #1 - there is WAY too much noise in my life. So I'm going to get away from the cell phone, the internet, know...all the noise. #2 Hear a fresh word from God. #3 Get clear vision for life and ministry. #4 REST REST REST. I plan on reading a ton and praying.

Have you ever been on a retreat like this? What did you do? Do you have any suggestions on books I should take with me? Any specific excercises you would suggest? I would appreciate your thoughts and I would appreciate your prayers next week. Thanks.


Jay said...

I've actually been thinking about getting away myself. Chandler preached the "Noise" sermon and God really convicted me on that (yet again). Enjoy the break man.

Book recommendations - Blue Like Jazz (absolute must read) and Gospel According to Moses

Have fun Bro

BTB said...

I live in MN but I don't know where Angel Fire is. If I was going to do something like this I think I would bring along something from Henri Nouwen. God bless.