Friday, October 07, 2005

The Cereal Aisle

So tonight I was at my CG (Community Group) and we were watching a Nooma video. Nooma is amazing by the way. We use it for our CG curriculum. We were watching the dvd entitled "Noise." Basically the point of the video is to ask the question, "How much noise is in your life and does that noise keep you from hearing God?" If you have not seen this video then you need to check it out...very very powerful and unique in its presentation. On with the story...As we talked about the noise in our lives, we talked about how that noise affects our minds wandering when we pray. I really believe that because of all the noise in my life it is now harder for me to focus when I pray. How do I know this? Take this morning for instance...I will let you in on my prayer went like this..."God I thank you for all your blessings. Thanks for how you have blessed me with great friends and family....a great church....continue to bless my church. God thank you for your love and grace in my life. I could not live without it. speaking of living...hmm....i am little hungry...i would really like some cereal. I wonder what kind of cereal...definitely hony nut chereos. definitely. I need to buy some when I am at the store later..." BEFORE I KNEW IT...IN MY MIND...IN FRONT OF GOD ALMIGHTY...I was in the middle of the cereal aisle of the nearest grocery store! Does this mean that God likes Honey Nut Cheerios too and wants me to have them now? How silly. That's how I felt. I felt a little ashamed to be quite honest. So I realized I had wondered off and took the measure of writing my prayer out. It helped me stay focused.

Have you been there? Does it bother you when your mind wanders during prayer? If you are out there and your mind wanders when you pray...have no are not alone and I really do believe God understands but wants us to take measures to remedy it. 1 suggested measure...write your prayer will keep you focused. And like I am trying to do now...eliminate some of the NOISE in your life.

So pray lots and eat lots of cheerios (honey nut) when you aren't praying.

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