Thursday, October 06, 2005

1 or 2 or 1 or 2

Today I went to the eye doctor. It has been a couple of years and my eyes were getting bad so I decided to see the doctor. I was little nervous. Why? Because of the TEST! You know the test when the doctor puts the huge robotic machine in front of your face and has you look through it and then...then...asks the question..."Tell me which is better...1...or...2...or...1...or...2." SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH Pressure! I am freaking out. I am afraid I am going to jack my eyes up with a really bad prescription. So I made a pre-emptive strike by asking the doctor a question of my own. I said, "Hey Doc! How much does my prescription really rely on me answering your questions right? How bad will I jack my eyes up by guessing 2 when it is actually 1?" He chuckled and said don;t worry. Yeah right! So I walked the gauntlet of eye exams. It actually wasn;t too bad. And for the first time I actually noticed a difference. Hopefully my new glasses will help me see better. We'll "see" next week.

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Stuart Cowen said...

I hate the glaucoma test - the puff of air right in the eye :( The pressure of not knowing when it's coming and being worried that might at the exact same time and have to do it over again.