Wednesday, September 21, 2005

You Just don't fit in?

WHAT? I just finished watching "The Apprentice: MArtha Stewart." It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. The task was actually really cool. SPOILER AHEAD: They had to modify a children's tale to make it more modern. The teams were split up in 2...1 team was corporate and the other creative. You would think the creative team would win with a task like this but NO the corporate won. Probably because all the creative people are so strong-willed and opinionated.

So the whole time I am anticipating whether Martha would use Donald's phrase "You're Fired!" or come up with something else. She came up with something know what it was..."You just don't fit in." LAME!!! LAME-O!!! LAMEST THING I'VE EVER HEARD!!! What is she talking about? Are they applying for some sorority or social club...maybe it is a clic. In fact, I think the guy that didn't "fit in" was a little unsure if he was being fired or not. He got the picture when she said goodbye though. Oh well...I just want all you guys to know who read this..."In my book, you all fit in." Cheese....

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Dianne said...

I never really got Donald's "You're fired" line since no one was ever actually HIRED until the end. Martha (and Donald) should use the standard interview phrase... "We'll be making our decision and be in touch with you later." Put the REALITY back into reality tv.