Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sooners...not the same but there is hope.

Well, I have not posted yet about how poorly the Sooners are playing. Honestly, I was waiting until I knew there was hope. I think we have hope now. Our major problem has been 2-fold...lack of leadership on the field and a Quarterback. I believe Bomar is going to be the answer to those 2 problems. Even though we lost (I believe we beat ourselves with 9 stinkin fumbles), Bomar began to emerge as a leader and a quarterback. He mostly made good decisions and was mostly accurate in his passing. But most of all, he ran the ball well and for the most part took care of it. Yeah, he can be a loose cannon but hey, I really believe this kid could be the future. We'll see at the end of the year or on Oct 8th (RED RIVER BABY!!!)

I may be completely wrong but I have hope. Gotta have hope!

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