Saturday, September 10, 2005

This water was too hard to work for...

So last night I was in downown with Fort Worth with Brandon and Susan shooting a Man on the Street video for Keystone. It was a nice evening but by the end I was a little parched. So Brandon stopped into Jamba Juice to get us some bottle water while I was shooting some b-roll. I couldn't wait to drink the water. When I got in the car I opened up the top wrapper and proceeded to pop the drink top and drink away. Usually when you drink bottled water with one of those built-in straws, you squeeze the bottle a little and the water flows. Not with Jamba Juice water. They want you to work for it. This bottle was un-squeezable. I found myself straining to get the water out. By the time I finally finished the bottle, I was parched again from all the hard work. I thought it was just me and maybe I was extremely weak. But when I mentioned how hard it was to drink, everyone agreed. So the lesson...get something other than water at Jamba Juice.

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