Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I have some great news about Keystone Church! After months of praying and seeking God's face and waiting on Him to order our steps...God opened a door today to allow us to go to 2 Gatherings on September 18th! So today has been very busy and I anticipate the next 2 weeks will be extremely busy. So if I do not post that often please do not take it personally and know that I have not forgoten about the blog!

Thanks for all your prayers and we continue to need them as we trust God to raise up and army of servants to help us accomplish this huge task He has charged us with.

If you are a member of Keystone and are just now hearing about this...check out your e-newsletter for more info and be sure to make the Special Members Gathering this Sunday after the 11:00am gathering. Lunch & childcare will be provided so please RSVP. If you haven't been receiving your e-newsletter then email admin@keystonechurch.com and let them know.

If you want to subscribe to our website newsletter then anyone can subscribe here.


Stuart Cowen said...

You guys are steaming ahead with God's favor! Ride on that Peace Train! Bless you Brian for keeping the extended family of faith up to date!

Sarge said...

God is blessing! Keep it up!