Monday, August 29, 2005

Video Music Awards

Anybody watch the MTV Video Music Awards? I watched them tonight. I really watch for the technology and then the music. The set was really great tonight. It was water theme. The huge video wall with water flowing down it was spectacular. One of my favorite moments was when they cut to the crowd and the crowd was holding about 10 plasma monitors over their heads - sort of like plasmas body surfing. Very cool effect.

As for the acts...The Killer's "Mr Brightside" was on location at a hotel part...fireworks behind them. Coldplay...what can you say...they are always on...the best one far..."Kanye Wes and Jamie Fox." Now I don;t agree with the lyrics or the profanity Kanye was using (quite disappointing to me) but those 2 out-perfomed everyone. They had great pitch...and GREAT style. The music was tight and they made it look effortless...but most of all they worked the crowd the best. Now for Kelly Clarkson...WHAT HAPPENED! She has an amazing voice and she just BLEW IT! Totally! She screamed the whole time and then to make it worse...she ended up singing under this waterfall and getting wet with the not appealing.
Overall, I would give the show a 5 out of 10. Why? It was over 3 hours and the things mentioned above were the only interesting things to me. Well, that's my opinion.

You can check the show out on MTV's new Broadband Channel "Overdrive" on

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