Monday, August 29, 2005

As a new church start, we need a quick and in-expensive resource for printing. We have been using a company called They only print business cards and postcards. But they do them lightning fast. The trick is to have them overnighted. If you submitt an order by 5 you will have them in 2 days and the quality is great and in-expensive. They also offer a "rounded" corners feature. It looks cool and adds a professional creative look to your cards. We have used them for our Community Group cards and stationary. The downside of is their customer service can be a little rude. If you have a problem...hold fast and stand firm. Don't take "no" for an answer. So check it out!

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kevin simons said...

Yo B,
It's Kevin Simons. Christie and I ordered some cards from this place and they looked TERRIBLE! We had to pay for the shipping to return them, but they gave us our money back. I guess if you need some okay cards in a short period of time, they might be okay. I personally wasn't happy. Oh well, better luck next time. I'm glad to hear they worked out for you though.