Monday, August 15, 2005

I cannot find the words...

Sunday was an amazing day at Keystone Church. In a previous post I mentioned how Keystone was growing. About 3 weeks ago we began to experience some more amazing growth. We reached 280 and that was the largest crowd we had ever had next to Easter (290ish). But Sunday was something completely different...God blessed us with 380 people. WHAT! We even ran out of chairs! What a great challenge to have. So we are getting more chairs or something! I cannot find the words to explain the joy that I am experiencing because of God's blessings. I may ramble but you must know that our passion is to see people from all walks of life find hope in the unfailing love of Christ...find the fill to the void in their life...experience true purpose in life...experience healing in the broken areas of their life...and today...God brought 380 people to hear that message.

If you are reading this blog and you have a void in your heart, maybe your marriage is falling apart, your child is rebelling, the job situation is not what you were hoping it would be...know their is hope for you. Jesus said, "Come to me...Come here to me...I want to carry your burden...your broken marriage, empty heart, hopeless job situation...and trade it for my burden which is very very light." So I encourage you to simply "come" by faith. Let Him me...His burden is light!

If you are looking for a great church come check it out!

Thanks for all the prayers! Have an amazing start of your week! Brian

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Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasim for Keystone is contagious. May God's favor with your church overflow and knock your socks off!