Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Great Worship CDs

About 1 year ago I rediscovered the music of Hillsongs United Live. Their last 2 cds are amazing. If you are looking for some new worship tunes or even if you aren't - GET THESE CDs...titled..."More Than Life" and "Look To You." The songs are fresh and inspiring. The music is really doesn;t sound like anyone else, so it's innovative and creative. What's great is it is not too complex that you cannot accomplish the music in your own worship service. At Keystone we have been singing - "Take All of Me," "Sing (Your Love)," "Til I See You," "Home" and "For All You've Done." The last 2 songs mentioned are on the cd "For All You've Done." SO I encourage you to pick these cds up. They will really encourage you. If you are a worship leader it will re-energize your planning in worship. One last great thing about these cds...Free DVD. They both come with a dvd of the event. Hillsongs United is really being used by God! Below are a couple of tracks.

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