Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Blogger Comment Spam from "Casting My Net"

This is a post from a friend of mine who has a solution to Blog Spam. It is easy to implement. Check out "Casting My Net" It is a great blog! Stuart has a great heart for the Church and technology.

"I was reading a friend's blog (Blogger) and noticed that one of his posts had been spammed by an automated blog comment spammer. I knew that TypePad had this problem, but up until now, I hadn't seen any spam on Blogger. In searching on how to stop this new and annoying breed of spam, I came across this post at In a nutshell, Blogger introduced three new features last week, one of which is designed to prevent comment spam. It's called "Show Word Verification for Comments" and uses CAPTCHA - the goofy picture of letters that Blogger and GMail uses to verify that you're a real human when you sign up for their services. If you wish, people who want to leave a comment on your blog will have to verify themselves using this technique. I slight pain I know, and your comment volume is likely to decrease, but if it can keep the kind of spam I witnessed out of my blog then I'm all for it.

To enable this feature in Blogger, go to your dashboard, click "Change Settings", then navigate to "Settings", "Comments" and click "Yes" to "Word Verification for Comments". Republish the blog and you're done. I hope this helps!"

Thansk Stu for your help in this.

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At your service, B! Blog on, Brother!