Monday, July 18, 2005


I am new home owner. My home was completed last November so my sod never seemed to really get to take root through the winter months. I never was a lawn guy but when spring came around I realized I had a ton of weeds. These were no little weeds...these weeds were HUGE!. So I went to Home Depot and bought some "Roundup Weed-killer." Well I had so many whole yard was weeds, so when I used the Round-up I basically killed my whole yard. My yard looked HORRIBLE! So I called True Green. The guy came to my door and was pretty rude. In a few short words he told me lawn had no hope and that I needed to schedule a year of services with them to even get partly back. I declined. There was no way I would pay for that. He suggested that I try some fertilizer and water but It probably would not work so I'd better be a "praying man." Good news...I am a praying man! That all took place in May and now look at these pictures!!! Only 2 months later and my lawn looks great! I am so pleased. I know that "lawn boy" is out there and I want him to know that "prayer works!'

So you ask what did I do? Well, I followed a plan that I got from a friend who got it from a friend. This works!!! Don't waste your money on all the expensive lawn care...youc an do this and it does not take much effort. The key for me was to water a little each day. Here is the plan!!!

Use the same 3 products all year (1,2,3,3,2,1)
1.) Feb. 1st - 14th: Pre-Emergent 0-0-7 (.86%)
2.) 4 to 6 weeks after Pre-M: 18-2-3/9 (weed & feed)
3.) End of May: 24-5-11 (fertilize) ( *********I could only find 24-2-11)
4.) First of July: 24-5-11 (fertilize) ( *********I could only find 24-2-11)
5.) 4 to 6 weeks before Pre-Emergent: 18-2-3/9 (weed & feed)
6.) First week of Oct.: Pre-M 0-0-7 (.86%)

ENJOY!!! Brian


jess_price said...

Have a complaint with TruGreen's service? Call their customer feedback line at 1-866-418-8310.

You might recognize the voice on the prompts ;)

Stuart Cowen said...

April 2006 - The TruGreen "Lawn Boy" Challenge is ON!