Friday, July 22, 2005


My churc, Keystone Church, is currently in a series called SUMMER BLOCKBUSTERS. It is a blast! We have been taking the big movies of the summer of 2005 and finding the meaning behind the movies.
Star Wars - Overcoming Your Darkside, War of the Worlds - Facing the Future without Fear, Batman Begins - Dealing with Your Past, and Fantastic Four - Building a Great Life Together. So when planning this fun series, our atmosphere team needed movie posters but regular posters were just not big enough. SO...EBAY to the RESCUE! I searched Ebay for big posters and found that you can search for any movie poster in the "Bus Terminal" size. All you do is add "Bus" to the search like this..."Batman Begins Bus Poster." They are 4x6 feet tall! They also have concert poster sin this size...even vintage ones. Click here to see the results for "bus posters" on Ebay. Enjoy!

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