Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Are you grasping for joy?

So we're still on the Staff Getaway and one major part of this time is spiritual renewal.  For the past few weeks I have been reading a book by John Eldridge called, "Walking With God: Talk to Him. Hear from Him. Really."  I saw the book in BN and just because of that tag I got it and immediately started reading the book that night.  It's an interesting book...unlike anything I have ever read.  Basically, Eldridge has opened up his journal for 1 year and let's you look in on his walk with God.  It is simple...powerful...profound.  ok...that's the setup.

So yesterday I read something very interesting in the book...grasping for joy...I'll quote him because my paraphrase would never do it justice and there is beauty in his writing.

Sometime earlier this year, I noticed that I was drinking to often, or more precisely, drinking for the wrong reasons.  I'd come home exhausted and frazzled from the day, and I'd turn to a glass of wine or a beer as a sort of refuge and relief, a way to find some peace.  Some people use food.  Or television. For me it was alcohol.  And that's not good. I began to see it as a reaching for joy--joy in a bottle, joy within my grasp. Yikes. This does not have a good future written on it.

And so God gave me a kind of grace to give it up.  To make room in my life for Him. It was really that simple. I noticed that when I came home frayed and weary, what I wouldn't do was simply take a few moments to be with God and ask him to comfort me. to be my refuge and peace. I decided to try that instead.

And so something I've enjoyed over the years is gone now.  And I have no idea if or when it will return. What I notice is a kind of spaciousness now in my soul in the evening.  Room for God.
Walking with God, Eldridge, p88 do you grasp for joy?  This has hit me heard.  How am I grasping for joy?

God, give us grace to be honest and make room for you.


KrayonKel said...

Are you really reading "Discover Your Strengths"? I noticed it on your side column. I LOVE that book!

Brian said...

I read it a while back. It was good. We read it together as a staff. I should probably take it off. : )