Monday, May 28, 2007

Will CBS Rebuild Jericho?

Nielsen can measure butts in seats, but it sure can’t measure hearts and minds. In further proof (as if we needed more) that the numbers don’t tell the whole story about the popularity of a show, Jericho fans are making like the characters on the show and refusing to go down without a fight.
Taking a cue from Roswell’s bottles of Tabasco, Arrested Development’s bananas and Jake Green’s “Nuts!” battle cry in the finale, Jericho fans are inundating CBS with nuts—eight tons of nuts so far! (in business—but presumably not online—since 1929) has been the semi-official hub of this effort, so if you would like to toss a few Brazil nuts in the general direction of the Eye network (is it just me or did that sound dirty?), check out the Jericho support page—and while you’re there, don’t miss the awesome YouTube video of a Nuts! delivery.
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