Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Official iPhone release date?

In a letter discovered by LoopRumors, Apple writes to the FCC on October 12th asking for documents regarding the iPhone's schematic design, block diagram, theory of operation, and antenna information to remain confidential and kept from public disclosure indefinitely.

They state that "...the public disclosure of the above mentioned documents might be harmful to [Apple] and would give a competitor an unfair advantage in the market."

Although Apple already disclosed the 'theory of operation' during Steve Jobs' keynote, they ask the FCC to insure that business sensitive information remains confidential until June 15, 2007," a specific date not previously mentioned by Apple. Jobs cited FCC approval as the reason for delay in the launch of the iPhone.

June 15th is the final day of the WWDC.

In related news, Apple removed the colored shuffles from the main image on its homepage and replaced it with the previous image promoting the iPhone.

From Loop Rumors

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