Monday, December 05, 2005

Weekend Review for December 4, 2005

Music (with iTunes links)
Blessed Be Your Name
Beautiful One
Joy to the World (Keystone arrangement)
Till I See You
Here With Us
Take All of Me

Message - Christmas Uwrapped - The Story of the Shepherds - How to be ready for life’s great moments
We unwrapped the messageof the shepherds. We learned that God revealed the birth of His son to ordinary people. It was a great moment and the shepherds did not let it pass them by. We learned principles from their response to this Great Moment. This is a great message and quite funny too. - Podcast

I really loved "Here Iwth Us." Susan really did an outstanding job on this song. I have to also commend the band because the really out did themselves. They sounded amazing! I also really loved the Trans-Siberian Orchestra feel to Joy to the World. The atmosphere was really great too. Great job Mahons!!! To all the VOLS on Sunday, great job!!!

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