Monday, October 31, 2005

Weekend Review for October 30, 2005

Today we launched a new series title Storms

Music (with iTunes links)
Blessed Be Your Name
I Will Live My Life For You
Still (Hillsong)
Made Me Glad

Message - "Where Is God In the Storms?"
Brandon answered the questions "Where Is God in the Storms?" There was a lot fo scriptural support. If you are going through a storm or you sense a storm coming the link above to check out this message. It will encourage you.

Today was a good day. There was a ton of energy in the second service. After looking at the connection cards, it seems that God really used today to encourage many many people.
Our volunteers did a great job. We had a huge weekend with the fall fest and still our volunteers had great attitudes and accomplished the goal. Good job!

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Joshua said...

Love that graphic! Would you consider selling your graphics?