Sunday, October 30, 2005

Proud of My Sooners

My Sooners are jellin!!! I realized today that the 3 teams that have beaten OU have a combined record of something like 28 and 1. That's right...1 loss. 2 of the teams are in the top 10 and the other is in the top 20. So my Sooners are SOOO bad!

Today we saw the return of AD (Adrien Peterson). His first play was a 36 yard TD run. I was screaming like a school girl!!! My poor roomie was trying to have his quiet time and I was screaming like a girl. Anyways...AD had 146 total yeards and a few tds. Malcolm Kelly is a our new Fresham wide-receiver sensation. He had 8 catches for 88 yards. He has great hands. Mark my will be hearing this combination for the next coupls of years - "Bomar to Kelly." Rhett Bomar did well today.

I really was concerned that we would lose AT Nebraska but the Sooners held them off with 31-24 win. I would be so pumped if we could end up 9 and 3.


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