Sunday, October 30, 2005

My evening with Bono, Larry, Edge, Adam, Ang and 20,000 of our closest friends

Tonight's concert was amazing! It started off with an awesome dinner. My sis, Ang, and I went to Trulucks off Maple and McKinney in Dallas. The food was perfect and the outside atmosphere added to the perfect dinner all to setup a fabulous concert.

U2 opened with City of Blinding Lights and never looked back. I was really moved by "Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking for." Bono is a great performer and he captivated the audience. You were always looking for Bono. "Vertigo" was the second song out of the gate. The Edge's guitar melodies were like a brick wall of sound just pounding you in the was quite beautiful. They played a little "Elevation" and "Beautiful Day." Both a crowd favorites. Bono gave a moving performance of "Sometime You Can't make It On Your Own." He talked about his dad and how he missed him and how he inspired the song.

Then the sound I had waited for all night..."Streets..." The Edge tore it up and the place went crazy. I was like a kid in a candy shop...a really big candy shop. U2 played many other favorites. "Love and Peace or Else" had a great groove. Sounded amazing and the technology made that song even cooler.

Then came the First Encore. During that encore they played With Or Without you (Bono sang to a gal int he audience.) and a broke down acoustic version of "Stuck ina Moment..."...then the band kicked in. Cool.

Then the Second Encore. Bono did something amazing. Bono pulled a kid out of the audience who kept telling him that he could play the guitar. So Bono let him play. They played "Angel Of Harlem" and this kid did awesome. He played the acoustic. One cool thing is the kid started waling around stage and performing to the band. At the end of the song, Bono switched glasses with him. They tore it up with "All Because of You" and then ended with "40." It was cool because the band pealed off one by one till just crowd was left singing 'How Long to sing this song..."

This was my first time to see U2. I was not disappointed. It was worth every dime spent. I look forward to seeing them again someday.

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Stuart Cowen said...

I'm glad you guys found Truluck's! Your review of the concert was awesome - felt like I was there! I can imagine the excitement when you heard the first hint of "Streets". Nice that they ended up with "40". DC Talk has a nice live cover of that song on the "Solo" EP.