Wednesday, September 21, 2005


There is nothing like the Fall. Saturday College football, falling asleep on Sunday afternoons to the NFL, the cool breeze (well only for about 2 days in Texas...the season usually gets skipped and we go straight to winter)...AND new tv shows...

The fall is a great time for new shows...What new shows are you most excited about? What are your top three shows?

Top 3 shows I watch right now - 1. Lost, 2. The Amazing Race, 3. Prison Break.

What new shows am I looking forward to... E-ring & Invasion

But My most fave is 24...can;t wait till January.

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Stuart Cowen said...

What I love about Fall most is the cooler weather.... So, where IS that cooler weather? Probably hanging out with the Sooners' Greatness. Hopefully, both might be back soon. Although not a college football fan (possibly because college was absent from my life) I'm living Boomer Sooner vicariously through you, my friend. :)