Thursday, September 01, 2005

Free Hurricane Katrina Video for worship services

My church, Keystone Church, has created a video montage of images from Hurricane Katrina to be used in our Gathering this weekend. This video is free to anyone to use. You can use it in your bible study, worship service, etc. Above is a preview. The downloaded file does not have music for copyright reasons so you will have to provide your own music. We will be using the video during the song "Still" by Hillsongs which is on the above preview. Click here for a chart of the song. The song is on the Hillsong's "Hope" CD. Pass the word along!

UPDATE: We have taken the video off our servers due to bandwidth issues. Our website experienced major bandwidth issues because of the many downloads. Thanks!


jen s. said...

hey B... you are the greatest brotha. the videos on your site are incredible. thanks for all you do for the church as a whole.

Stuart Cowen said...

I'm speechless. Thank you Brian.

How can others post this on their blogs? This is just too good - it has to get out. For now I will link to you. Man, that was good...

Sally said...

Get ready, follower of a merciful God, you're gonna get a TON of hits!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Anonymous said...

We used your video today during the offering at La Canada Presbyterian Church in La Canada, CA. It was great. Thanks for making it available to us.


Anonymous said...
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Brian said...
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Anonymous said...


I came across your Katrina video earlier today while gathering some images for my church's prayer service this evening. Very awesome! I'm not sure if our pastor is using it or not, but it was great.

Also, if you're agreeable, I would be willing to host the file(s) on both my church web site and my personal site. We have a fair amount of alotted bandwidth. You can contact me at mschultz (a) stmarkomaha (dot) org if you want to discuss further.

Thanks again!

Matt Schultz
St. Mark Lutheran Church
Omaha, NE

Jim said...

Thank you! Awesome video, very incredible. We used it in our services 2 weeks ago. Our choir was already going to sing the song Still, so it fit in perfectly. The song was planned for that Sunday even before the hurricane.

Good work, man!