Monday, August 22, 2005

Posting from my cell

I am posting this from my cell phone in a movie theater.


sarge said...

Was the Skeleton Key that bad?

Jess said...

Are you Moblogging yet?

You can post pictures from your camera phone instantly to your blog.

It's pretty cool...

Reels and Rounds said...

Brian -

Aren't you supposed to have your phone off in the theatre? I really enjoy your blog, I was told about you from a church secretary in Vancouver, Washington when she wanted me to research blogging and podcasting. She sent your post about how to podcast. Keep up the great work . . . and by the way, we might have a little bit in common, the football team close to my heart also wears the UO moniker . . . University of Oregon Ducks . . . and that is about all that we share . . . BECAUSE WHEN MY DUCKS CRUSH YOUR SOONERS SOME DAY, YOU'LL BOW YOUR UO BANNER IN SHAME ! ! ! !

Bless you Bro,
- Randy