Friday, August 19, 2005

Avril and Gavin Concert

The concert was great. It was an awesome Texas summer night. I had never been to Smirnoff and had heard things about the sound being bad but we had great seats behind the soundboard and the sound was great. By the way, if you want good sound, sit behind the soundboard because you are hearing what the sound tech is hearing. So you know it will be good. By the way, forgive the quality of the pics...they were taken from my cell phone.

The first act was annoying...Butch Walker. Sorry if you are a Butch Walker fan, he jus tdid not connect with me and I wished he would have ended sooner. In fact, he had an encore. What? an opener with an encore? it really bothered me...and the encore lasted 10 minutes.

Finally, Gavin came out and he truly stole the show. His sound was amazing. The musicianship and performance was tight. His vocals were perfect and very clear. At one point he came into the audience and about 3 million teenage girls rushed him. Little crazy. "Follow Through," "Chariot" and "I Don't Wanna Be" did not disapoint and were just was awesome.

Then Avril came out...I thought she would be mad at the world and have this punk attitude like I have seen in past interviews and stuff...COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE! She was giddy happy! I even mentioned to my sis...does she seem really happy. It was like this new persona. Her hair was all made up and her make-up...she looked really beautiful. So that suprised me. her sound was great. The mix was not as good as Gavins but her band was good. The lights were amazing. There were these 6 huge movers...about 4x the size of other movers. They were like huge spotlights and made the light show. She played the piano and sang and played the guitar and sang in some break down sections. One highlight was Avril playing the drums during her encore section.

Overall, the concert was worth the price and the traffic to get to Smirnoff. I could ave doen without all the teeny-bopper screams in my ear all night but oh well, that's what you get when you see a teen idol. So if you get the chance to see Avril - go. If you get the chance to see Gavin - definitely go...and Butch your money. Final comment - Gavin stole the show.

Out of 5 stars
Avril - 3.5 stars
Gavin - 4 stars
Butch - .5 star

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